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Our Mission: Community

Growing up as an underserved youth, I often felt forgotten, but poetry saved my life. Without an art-based outlet to channel the pain and frustration I endured growing up as a minority, I would have become a statistic in the justice system. The Spiritual Awakening Foundation is an Arts-Based Non-Profit, dedicated to helping juveniles, already in the justice system realize their value and self-worth. When you make a purchase today, help a child discover their potential and let them know they are not forgotten by donating $1.

  • Community

    Selfless Reflections tribe is inclusive, providing a supportive safe space to be vulnerable

  • Growth

    Selfless Reflections tribe honors everyone's journeys while focusing on where we are headed

  • Mindset

    Selfless Reflections tribe culture is one of positive foresight and creation

  • Reframing

    Selfless Reflections tribe embraces the trials, focusing on the lesson