If this is your first time, learning about crystals, also known as precious stones, and their abilities, I believe the easiest way to explain this concept, is to remind you, that just like everything on this earth surface, is alive, and serves a purpose, this is also true, with crystals.

According to the Crystal Directory, 100 crystals for Positive Manifestation by Sarah Bartlett, crystal vibrational energy, known as the piezoelectric effect, was first discovered by French physicist and chemist, Pierre Curie (1859 - 1906). Simply put, when you apply stress or pressure onto the surface on the crystal/stone, for instance by squeezing it, a voltage is produced across the crystal's surface. 

You can try this now, grab any crystal/ precious stone, you have and squeeze it. You will feel it begin to warm up. This is because crystals also known as precious stones, have an electromagnetic force that comes alive by applying stress or squeezing them. According to Bartlett, this effect is reversible, and if the polarity of the voltage is alternated, the crystal will rapidly expand and contract, producing a vibration  warm to cool, cool to warm, warm to cool, and so on. This is how the quartz watches work. The quartz crystal within the mechanism produces its own electromagnetic force to keep the watch ticking. 

By harnessing our own internal vibration, through meditation, and becoming one with our breathing, as in Kundalini breathing technique, also known as the breath of fire technique, and can be used to cleanse your chakras, we tap into our own life force. By using crystals, and learning how to store, cleanse, charge, and harness, their life resource, we can begin, being more impactful with our meditations, for example, speed of healing, or release negative energy, and so on and so forth. 

Bartlett also explains that we can harness these vibrational forces, and help ourselves, manifest our dreams. She gives an example, in her book of how we can resonate to the low vibrational field of obsidian to manifest a reliable, consistent home life, or we can arrange a selection of high-resonance citrine in a grid to attract abundance. 

In this blog, we will focus on understanding our desires, and focus on how we can use our everyday crystal infused products, listed on this website to help promote an aligned way of life, so that through every action we are taking, whether it be taking bath, with a crystal infused bath bombs, or washing out hands with our crystal infused bar of soap, or meditating by applying our crystal infused essential oils, we are doing so intentionally, aligning ourselves with our dreams, and what we wish to manifest, and truly taking advantage of the powerful resources nature and the universe has afforded us.


Please note, that research and learning as well as personal experience were used in the production of this blog post. Book:  The Crystal Directory: 100 Crystals for Positive Manifestation by Sarah Bartlett; Kundalini Yoga: Instructor Oya Healing Space


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