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R E F L E C T & A L I G N

Do you find yourself, having to put time aside to center your energy, quiet your mind, journal or meditate? Do you feel out of sync or off internally, if you weren't able to do these things as often as you would have liked or planned to?

We become what we surround ourselves with, and with conscious items, you change everyday mundane tasks into intentional, law of attraction, acts of self service every-time you wash your hands, bathe, apply moisturizers, or go out.

The products listed on this site, have been hand picked with you in mind by reflecting on my own journey. Imagine being able to incorporate self love and higher vibrational energy throughout your daily routine and having the ability to truly cultivate a deeper connection with your higher self by doing what you already do.

What is Selfless Reflections?

Selfless Reflections is a CommUnity geared towards growth by reflecting selflessly and supporting good vibes, breaking cycles & reframing negativity.

The journey to understanding ourselves, starts first with our mindset, this is why we reflect. We have to go within to understand why things trigger certain responses, and/or why we repeat certain mistakes, instead of them becoming lessons. By choosing this path we decide to evolve and grow into our higher selves. Incorporating spiritually centered products into your daily routine, you raise your vibration by doing what you would normally do, but now with intention.

R E F L E C T & A L I G N today by shopping our intentional focused products and incorporate self healing tools such as affirmation cards to reframe our thoughts, envision and create while attracting the life we desire. Take advantage of our crystal infused candles to help set your intentions and raise our vibrations. These are just some of the ways you can reflect and align today!



Selfless Reflections LLC has partnered with SHOP for Good, to provide our customers the opportunity to give back to a non profit called Spiritual Awakening Foundation. We have implemented the donate a $1 feature for those would like to make an impact. 

SAF exists to stand up against racism, inequality, and injustice, all while offering our youth who have been incarcerated, the opportunity to learn new skill sets.  Meditation, self- reflection, creative writing, visual arts as well as mentorship service and leadership are the skills taught and offered by SAF, all while  offering underserved youth the opportunity to build character, and coping skills, in order to build a brighter tomorrow for themselves. Be sure to give today and make an impact on a child's life!