3.5” Crystal Bathbombs

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Healing begins with the mind, body and spirit. Set your moon intentions with one of our all natural crystal bath bombs.  

Each crystal bath bombs contains all organic ingredients, no dyes or harsh chemicals, and a random, raw crystal (random is size, shape, and stone). The crystal bath bomb is a mix powerful healing combination of fresh herbs and crystals to provide a truly relaxing bath.  Set your full moon intentions, and manifest your desires.

Note: Sometimes some of the flowers may end up on the inside as a result of the creation process.

For combinations we have; Lavender Chamomile, Frankincense Magnesium, Lavender Rose, Calendula Lemon, Orange Vanilla, Peppermint, Eucalyptus Peppermint, Four Thieves, Jasmine Hibiscus, Earth Mother, and Juniper Red Clover.