Align & Hydrate Bundle

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 Align & Hydrate Bundle

Start your higher vibrational journey by incorporating crystals and sage into your daily routine and raise your vibration by doing what you would normally do. With this bundle you are being intentionally everytime you drink water, with the charging effects of these crystals, you help your body stay positively charged, while using sage to rid anything negative and clean your air. 

The products listed on this site, have been hand picked with you in mind by reflecting on my own journey. Imagine being able to incorporate self love and higher vibrational energy throughout your daily routine and having the ability to truly cultivate a deeper connection to your higher.

1.) SelflessReflections Clear Quartz Crystal Water bottle for Clarity and Balance with interchangeable base 

2.) Rose Quartz interchangeable base for Self love and Healing 

3.) 3* Large 12inch White Sage for purification and cleansing